Blackberry Kush Oil Cartridge

Blackberry Kush Oil Cartridge

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Blackberry Kush Oil is a Pure C02 extracted cannabis oil that provides a body and mind down impact plus a mellow euphoria. So, ideal for relaxation and sleep help. This 500mg cartridge is on-par with about 1/8 oz of dried blossoms and will last you around as long.

ABX was the very first, and are still among the only vapor cartridge firms we’ve found that provides a gorgeous, full-spectrum effect rather than the narrow bandwidth experienced from a number of other similar products out there. Start with 2-3 small inhales and wait for 15 mins.

Afghani is a landrace breed which makes up the backbone of several modern indicas.

Blackberry is a somewhat well-balanced hybridvehicle. People often use Blackberry for calming pressure without an excessive amount of sedation.

However, Crossing Blackberry using Afghani amps up the indica body impact, which transforms a plucky hybrid to some sedative strain.

Blackberry Kush is a treat for seasoned consumers. So, those new to cannabis should watch out, this indica will have a high THC content and a potent high. You can expect somewhere between 17 and 22 percent THC in many Blackberry Kush flowers.

This breed has a remarkable aroma. In general, it’s a powerful, sweet berry aroma. It is this berry taste and aroma that makes Blackberry Kush such a crowd-pleasing strain. Yet, earthy and pungent undertones emphasize the Afghani legacy of the breed.

You are able to definitely experience the full flavor profile of the herb if you are lucky enough to come across some quality Blackberry Kush concentrates.


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